Illinois to Arizona December 2020

Van is packed
Masked up and ready to go!

We left Warrenville in the morning of December 1. We took Interstate 55, to I44 to I40. This roughly follows the path of historic Route 66. Our first overnight was in Tulsa Oklahoma. Second night in Albuquerque. Big snowstorm just to the north and west in Oklahoma and New Mexico. We just had high winds and snow flurries. Arrived in Scottsdale on the afternoon of the 3rd to find house wrapped in plastic.

Beautiful day in St Louis!
Sunset in Oklahoma
Texans seem to be the most aggressive drivers.
I don’t know if this sign is accurate.
Sign for famous restaurant on Route 66 in Amarillo, Texas.
We did not stop for the steak.
Entering New Mexico on the edge of a big winter storm.
We just had high winds with a few snow flurries.
Overnight in Albuquerque. Hot air balloons in distance. Temperature in the teens so must be a cold ride.
In median of I40 past Albuquerque.
We missed bad weather by about 24 hours.
Arrived in Scottsdale early afternoon and found painting project in progress.
Plastic wrap on doors and windows. We went to happy hour until they finished for the day.

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