Day 3 Richmond VA to Ashland VA

Total distance: 20 miles, +/- elevation 614/449, weather: sunny and mid 80’s

Pat in Richmond near Virginia Commonwealth University

A short day today. Did some laundry and and a little work on the bikes. Wound our way out of Richmond to Ashland. Weather is suddenly hot. It is supposed to be 88 tomorrow so we are going to try to get an early start.

We are shipping all of this home to try lighten our load.
Pat offered to ship her bike home.
Mural in downtown Ashland.
This is what our hotel room looks like.

12 thoughts on “Day 3 Richmond VA to Ashland VA

  1. What are the chances of getting up to pee in the middle of the night without knocking over a bike or two ? If it were me, slim and none.

    I see a flexible mini-tripod in the front of one of the bikes. Are you using that for most of your group photos, or are you enlisting volunteer photographers ?

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    1. We learned from the master and bought a little tripod that works with the iPhone! People driving by were entertained by us trying to setup yesterday’s photo by the mural.


  2. Vicariously riding along with you guys! May have the sweeter deal on that one! Lol. Hope you get cooler weather.


  3. Pat and Mark…enjoying you posts. I love history so particularly interested in the mural and other historic references. It sounds like you are traveling through a very scenic part of the country. continued safe travels.


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  4. Ha, Pat, love the remark that you have offered to ship your bike home :). A little too early on your trip to entertain that thought. Will be nice to lighten your load a bit with shipping some possessions home. Love reading your blog – your travels are so interesting. Continue the adventure and stay safe!



  5. The “ship her bike home” comment made me laugh too. Just remind her that for as challenging a bike ride it is, the walk is harder. 🙂

    I love the pictures and updates. I am so proud of you both. Lots of love riding with you from the Cassels.


  6. That’s a lot to ship home—-Will you have enough gear??? Don’t know if you are amazing or just plain nuts! How are the muscles holding up? Can’t imagine how you can even walk after a day of biking—-keep up the good work and the photos.


  7. The mural is beautiful and I’m sure the scenery is too!!! You both deserve tons of credit!!!! I sure am enjoying your pictures – I’d love to travel slowly and visit all the places you’re going to visit but I’m too old to do it on a bike (and I’m happy about that😃)


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