Day 4 Ashland, VA to Mineral, VA

Total distance: 44.8 miles, elevation +/- 1946/1562, total miles so far: 0000, Weather sunny upper 80’s and humid. Long hot day on the bike.

We are on bike route 76. For a while route 1 joined us. Route 1 is called the Atlantic Coast and runs from Florida to Maine. The routes split here.

Lunch stop. Very friendly staff and a shady porch. Their supply truck was late so lunch selections were limited. Pat looked at the menu and tried to order a tuna salad, sorry out, hamburger also out, blt no bacon, grilled cheese, no cheese. Eventually we made our selections and when we were eating the supply truck arrived.

Our home for the night the Mineral Volunteer Fire Department. Free camping on a big grassy area behind the fire station and use of the bathrooms.

Engine returning from a call. Fortunately not a lot of action in the middle of the night.

Whenever we stop we get lots of questions about our bikes and where we are going. Horses are also interested in our bike ride.

We met our first group of westbound cyclists! Scott and Steve are from Ohio. Scott’s wife Mary is also following along in a minivan.

Lots of spring flowers everywhere along the route!

Roadside mailbox decorations.

8 thoughts on “Day 4 Ashland, VA to Mineral, VA

  1. So enjoy the pics and the short stories. Surprised the horses did not want to join you after you explained your adventure. Probably would need new shoes, however. Stay safe and healthy.


  2. Pat and Mark……nearly 45 miles, wow!!—a very productive day. Interesting to me that there are dedicated national bike routes. Nice to meet some fellow bikers who had mini-van travelling behind them—a nice way to go.

    Enjoying reading your blog. Continued good luck.



  3. The skeleton on a mailbox in Virginia might have made me a little nervous. But I’d have been just fine in a minivan. 🙂 Gosh, everything looks so beautiful!!!!!

    I’d have never thought of staying on the firehouse lawn, but how nice!!

    Thank you for the pictures and the blog. I’m certainly enjoying them.


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