Day 5 Mineral, VA to Charlottesville, VA

Total distance: 55 miles, +/- elevation 3320 up 3071 down, total miles so so far 195. Weather mostly cloudy low 80’s humid and windy.

At sheriff’s department in Palmyra. Leader so far for the cleanest public bathroom award.

Biker Steve leaving early in the morning. He is going out on his own and trying to finish the entire route by July 1!

Steve interviews us:

Some beautiful downhills but you know what goes down must come up.

Our GPS gives a picture of our climbing. A bit daunting. As we were riding into Charlottesville we could see a mountain ahead. Mark casually says I bet Charlottesville is at the top. He was correct.

Lots of old cemeteries along route.
Tombstone even had social security number can you imagine!
Cunningham Creek Winery
Several vineyards but as you can see grapes just beginning to form
Longhorns also curious about bicyclists.
Photo from last night including
Pat, Mark, Scott and Mary

Unplanned event….. after big climb we stopped to get some quick energy with some electrolyte blocs Mark decided to lighten his load as one of his crowns came off. So that made the decision we were doing rest day in Charlottesville. DDS appointment found for Friday!

10 thoughts on “Day 5 Mineral, VA to Charlottesville, VA

  1. Love the Steve Harvey interview with the two of you, just like Paul Harvey with “the rest of the story”. Sorry about Mark’s crown, but at least he was able to get a dentist appointment. Continue your interesting travels and stay safe, Pat and Mark!


  2. Love the interview ! You should have used the opportunity to drop a new conspiracy theory on Trump Nation to see how much traction it would get on YouTube by the end of the trip.

    Mark – Lucky that you got a dental appointment right away. My dentist is usually booked up about six weeks out, although she probably does manage to squeeze in emergencies. In the good old days of the Yellow Pages, you would have opened it to Dentists and started dialing, beginning with the ubiquitous and strategically-positioned AAA Dental Associates and Acme Dental. Maybe you should play it safe tooth-wise for a few weeks and stick to instant mashed potatoes and applesauce.

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  3. Pat and Mark
    Not only have you met some new people, but ,evidently you have run into one of Paul Harvey’s progeny…didn’t think you would run unto a celebrity in Mineral, VA, but such is life..ha


  4. Everyone at the Wed meeting group has thanked me for sending along your daily news..Mary and Judy H subscribe to your blog,but the rest of the oldsters are vicariously enjoying your trip


  5. I must say I’m shocked it was Mark that lost a crown, that is much more like something Pat would do. Glad you were able to be seen right away.


  6. 55 miles—very impressive. You both sounded gear on your interview with Steve Harvey. Tombstone with Social Security numbers is really wild. Good luck when you resume your trip on Sunday.


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  7. Wow wow wow! I am amazed and beyond excited for you both! I can’t wait to see more of your adventures. Safe travels! ❤


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