Day 7 Charlottesville, VA to Waynesboro, VA

Total distance: 29 miles, +/- elevation 3041 up 1795 down total miles so far:224. Weather sunny and low 70’s. Another long day with lots of climbing. Difficult adjustment for us flat landers. We are climbing up towards the Blue Ridge Parkway.

More friendly horses along the route. We did not feed them.

We stopped at the home of June Curry the Cookie Lady. She baked cookies and provided lodging for cyclists for years until she passed away in 2012. The building is still there decorated with cycling memorabilia but is closed fo repairs. More information on the famous cookie lady:

Mark, Pat and Scott on porch of antique store.

Snack stop. Store has an interesting story. We talked to the friendly clerk at the store. Biker Steve has an interview her from a few days before.

This tunnel is just of the route on the way to Waynesboro.

Pat exiting the tunnel. Very crowded so we walked our bikes.
Baptist Church and Post Office in Afton

Our home for the night Stanimal’s 328 Hostel in Waynesboro,VA. Lots of Appalachian Trail thru hikers staying here. They are a lively bunch. We got a very nice private room. Biker Scott and wife Mary also stayed here. Scott was familiar with this place from his hike on the AT.

10 thoughts on “Day 7 Charlottesville, VA to Waynesboro, VA

  1. Fantastic shot of Mark in the tunnel ! Looks like he’s in a coal mine. Give that man a pick and shovel !

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  2. Interesting. We really like the Blue Ridge Parkway. Have driven it a few times
    Too old for biking. Enjoying the stops you maks along the way


  3. Quite a physical and learning adventure. Living it vicariously thru the two of you. Much easier for me, however.


  4. The pictures are great. The Blue Ridge Pkwy is a beautiful drive (in a car) for me. Only way I have seen it. You both look terrific & very happy.


  5. Love the Blue Ridge Tunnel. Interesting that it was so busy that you walked your bikes through it. Nice that you are continuing with Scott and his wife in the van. Gives you lots of security to have a van with you just in case of emergencies. Continue the fun!


  6. Was just camping in Eastern TN. Good luck getting over/around the Cumberland gap and all the hills/mountains in that area of the country.


  7. Continue to enjoy your posts. I love the pictures of the quaint venues that you come across along your route. Tunnel was very interesting. Living the life of luxury in your private room. You guys are doing great.

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  8. So many amazing things on this day……remembering the wonderful Cookie Lady, the church/post office, the tunnel. I am certainly enjoying your blog!!! Thank you!!!


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