Day 8 Waynesboro, VA to Lexington, VA

Total Miles 51, +/- elevation:4252 up 4751 down, total miles so far: 275,Weather partly cloudy, low 80’s and humid. Epic day of cycling. Up to the Blue Ridge Parkway, around 20 miles on the parkway, a fast decent into a beautiful valley by a stream. Then of course up hill to our hotel at end of day.

Elevation 1895
Amazing scenery in every direction .
Taking a break
View from the top.
Interesting story about this cliff.
Along the Blue Ridge Parkway.

Elevation 3252 on Blue Ridge Parkway

After riding for almost 40 miles with no services, we came upon Jimmy’s Snowball Stand. Jimmy moved to this area from New Orleans 20+ years ago and operates this stand at the bottom of the road leading up to the Blue Ridge Parkway. He shared stories of passing cyclists and his life here in a beautiful spot. The paper he is holding has a story about his business. We could of enjoyed his stories for hours but needed to get to hotel before dark.

Ready for a Sno-Ball
It was delicious!

After Jimmy’s we traversed beautiful river valley with some waterfalls.

10 thoughts on “Day 8 Waynesboro, VA to Lexington, VA

  1. Too bad you didn’t finish the day in Lexington, KY. THAT would have been a hell of a day ! Impressive nevertheless.

    Your photo of the road going around a curve …. doesn’t look like a lot of room for error for you cyclists with auto traffic coming from behind. Was it a bit dicey ?

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  2. I love the stories of the interesting people you are meeting along the way. 275 miles! Great job…you two are amazing. Love you.


  3. Great work guys, keep up the peddling. Great pics and great stories a bit chilly here but no snow . Keep up the great adventure. Be safe


  4. Wow, an amazing ride for the two of you – 275 miles! Glad that you finally found some refreshment at the sno-ball stand. You certainly need to write a book about this adventure, and all of the interesting people that you are meeting. Have another good ride today! Love your blog!


  5. Oh my goodness!!!! How beautiful!!! When driving along the Blue Ridge Parkway, you get brief glimpses of this, but thank you for sharing how really beautiful it is!!!!! Great job! THANK YOU!!!!


  6. Sno balls are very similar to Hawaiian “shave ice”, which are great after a day at the beach. We like our shave ice in strawberry with a scoop of ice cream on the bottom. Any muscle aches after your long rides?


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