Day 10 Natural Bridge, VA to Troutville, VA

Total Miles 31, +/- elevation 1890 up, 1706 down, total miles so far 321. Weather mostly sunny mid 80’s and very humid. Strong storms were predicted and the forecast was correct this time. We were safely in our hotel by the time the skies opened up about 3 pm. Of course another big climb coming into Troutville.

We had planned on doing more camping but seems we are not finding a good camping spot when we need to stop. Not many state or city parks so far. Looking at the route ahead more camping is in our future.

Owner Chris in front of The Witt Stop Restaurant. We enjoyed chatting with him. He lived Lutz, FL (the town our niece Peyton and family live) before coming back home to VA. It is such a small world! When Chris and wife moved back to VA they remodeled Grandfather’s house to live in and started this restaurant and B&B across the street. They survived the COVID shut by falling back to his woodworking and remodeling skills. Now back open lucky for us!

Bed & Breakfast across from restaurant.
Think he is a Red Faced Muscovy Duck.
It was so hot and humid we wanted to jump in with him.

Made it here before the storm.

4 thoughts on “Day 10 Natural Bridge, VA to Troutville, VA

  1. 👍great job…both of you are still smiling 😃 in the last picture, so….keep up a great ride


  2. Pat, you must be getting awfully tired of the hot showers and sleeping in a bed ! Don’t worry, you’ll be back to the tent soon.

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  3. Love all of your interesting stories along your travels, Pat and Mark. Sounds like some challenging biking. Keep enjoying your trip!


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