Day 11 Troutville, VA to Blacksburg, VA

Total miles 42, +/- elevation 3622/2848, Total miles so far 366, Weather upper 60’s, some sun, some clouds, some rain, lots of wind.

Tough ride again today lots of climbing, headwinds and crosswinds and a shortcut that was straight uphill. Apparently our maps app does calculate elevation correctly on roads that are not on our route.

More interested spectators.
Beautiful scenery again today.

Lunch at abandoned gas station out of the wind and rain.

On a long stretch without any stores or services, we really appreciated the water.

We see lots of big trucks on the road.
Today’s group photo.

Pat smiling and riding!

Blacksburg is home to Virginia Tech University. Their mascot is the Hokie Bird. There are over 75 different statues like this around town.

6 thoughts on “Day 11 Troutville, VA to Blacksburg, VA

    1. Pat’s bike & gear is 66 pounds. Mark 86 pounds. That was when we weighed them at home. Probably a bit heavier loaded with water and food. We did send a few things home.


  1. Ah yes, the glamor of lunch at an abandoned gas station ⛽ out of the wind and rain..hang tough and keep going on Big Ass Truck drive,or similarly named rds


  2. Love the courtesy of those along your route that leave water bottles for bikers – so thoughtful. Sounds like a challenging day between weather and climbs. Take care, Pat and Mark!


  3. Mark and Pat….I love your group photo. I can’t believe that you have nearly crossed the entire State of Virginia. And next “Almost Heaven West Virginia”. Continued safe travels.


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