Day 12 Blacksburg, VA to Fort Chiswell, VA

Total miles: 48, +/- elevation 3514/3445, Total miles so far: 414. Weather mostly sunny, mid 40’s to start, low 60’s by afternoon.

Water reservoir used for Newbern, VA from 1870 – 1953

There are 12 maps for trip and we started with Map 12 Yorktown, VA to Christiansburg, VA. Today we changed over to Map 11 Christianburg, VA to Berea, KY.

Climbs are classified by color which is figured by % grade. Green, yellow, orange, red and dark red. Dark red is the most difficult. We have not seen the dark red color yet. Garmin lets you know how much climb is left and how steep. This one is all orange and we are on climb 3 of 44. Gives you something to think about when peddling uphill at 4 mph.

We are really in for constant climbing to get over the Appalachian Mountains. As you can see Map 11 has 44 Classified climbs!

Elevation profile from today.
Such a treat to go through town with coffee shop and homemade treats
It was in 40’s as we started today. As you can see Mark has arm & leg sleeves with gloves downhills are a bit chilly.
Mountain View Methodist Church 1885
Interesting story about the new river.
New River from the highway bridge.

Rest stop at Draper Mercantile. We just missed lunch!

3 thoughts on “Day 12 Blacksburg, VA to Fort Chiswell, VA

  1. That Garmin is very cool ! The Appalachians will be a nice, easy warm-up for the Rockies. Good thing that first photo is Newbern, VA and not Newbern, NC or you would be back at the Atlantic Coast.

    Impressed to see that Mark is rocking the leg sleeves. I “discovered” these after getting my legs pretty sunburned on a backpacking trip with Don and our friend Jeff two years ago. They are awesome ! And magical ! They keep your legs warm when it’s cold and cool when it’s hot. And my legs don’t seem to get as tired because they probably help with circulation, too. Best of all, I don’t have to mess with slathering sunscreen all over my legs every day, which also gets to be expensive. I know Don is a traditionalist and wouldn’t be caught dead in these, but as one who has obviously never been concerned about his personal appearance, they are perfect for me.

    Look what I woke up to this morning. And it’s still coming down, lightly. Not sticking to pavement, though. Good thing, too, as it’s a driving day. And glad I’m not hiking. My legs feel fully recovered from yesterday, though. Shocking. Gotta be the leg sleeves !

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