Day 14 Ft Chiswell, VA to Wytheville, VA

Total miles 10, +/- 994/748 elevation. Total miles so far 424. Weather upper 60’s wind 20-25 mph and sunny. Low mile day today. We are averaging 5 miles per day over the last 2 days. At this rate we will be in Oregon in the spring of 2023!

Wytheville is a nice little town with several museums. Unfortunately the museums were all closed when we visited

1st Lady’s home town

Unusual sign on office supply store. Good to see that Staples & OfficeDepotMax did not put all independent office supply stores out of business.

Independent Drug store looks like it just closed.

Wythville Main Street has speakers playing music. The day we were there they were playing 80’s rock hits. As you are walking along the sound fades away and then increases again as you approach the next set of speakers. Kind of like having a song stuck in your head that you can’t stop hearing.

The two Breweries/Brewpubs both have 7 in their name. Seven Sisters is named for the Seven Sisters hiking trail in the Walker Mountains near Wytheville. Seven dogs is named for the owners rescue dogs (and one cat). We ate at the 7 Dogs. It was very good.

Local park that offers camping to cyclists. Unfortunately the bathrooms were closed due to broken water pipe. We stayed in a local motel instead.

4 thoughts on “Day 14 Ft Chiswell, VA to Wytheville, VA

  1. Love the office supply sign.

    As much as I love music (Don can attest to this), I am generally opposed to being assaulted by music (usually crappy music) in public places. The outside shopping mall near me (Southglenn) has the same set-up as Wytheville, with two speakers on every freaking light pole twenty feet apart. So, prior to Trump Pandemic, when I left the really crappy music behind at my gym, I entered the outdoor world of slightly less crappy music. In fairness, I think it may be a ploy by the mall management to drive people into the stores to escape the noise.

    Restaurants are notoriously bad, too. I remember a nice Italian restaurant in Westport, Ireland playing some techno garbage and I was sitting right under a speaker. I was going to ask them if they could turn it down, but decided I didn’t want to listen to it at any volume. I left and went to a different restaurant. I think the problem with restaurants is that the management and employees tend to be younger and prefer to listen to what they want, not what would create a nice or appropriate ambiance for the diners.

    I think the absolute worst may be the crap they now blast over tinny speakers (like those of an old transistor radio) at many gas stations, especially along the interstate. Can’t even fill up your tank in peace anymore.

    Well, that’s my rant for a Monday morning. Hope you enjoyed it. Can I get an Amen, somebody ! Always like to start the week out on the right foot. It’s great to be an old curmudgeon on an excellent road trip !

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  2. Wytheville looks like a very nice/prosperous town. Very interesting that the town pipes in music in their downtown area. It looks like your route has taken you south, to miss West Virginia, and towards Kentucky or Tennessee.

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