Day 15 Wytheville, VA to Troutdale, VA

Total miles 35, +/- 2,792/1,814 elevation. Total miles so far 459. Weather upper 60’s perfect biking weather.

Nice day for a ride.

Enjoyed church bells while riding uphill. Bells ring before service if living in town you would not be late.

We were really trying to camp. This is the second campground we wanted to visit that has been closed due to water issues.

Instead of camping we stayed at the Sufi Lodge. We had a nice private room and bath. Some hikers stayed here with shared rooms and bathrooms.

Room looks good from this direction.
Not so good this way.
Hosts Suzanna and James.

Bikes outside the lodge.

We are going into an area where cell phone and internet may be limited so you may not see regular posts for a while.

5 thoughts on “Day 15 Wytheville, VA to Troutdale, VA

  1. Inquiring minds want to know: Will Pat and Mark ever escape the confines of VA ? Can’t believe you’re still there. Mark, better recheck your Garmin and make sure its not taking you in circles. If you come to Charlottesville again, I’d head for the nearest REI and replace Garmin with Magellan. He made it all the way around the globe. I don’t recall Mr. Garmin traveling anywhere of note. A charlatan in the world of navigation.

    Good thing you’re not transecting TX on this trip. You could be there for months. Actually, a lot of good reasons not to transect TX, the primary one being it’s TX.

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    1. Brad, we are still in Virginia. We travel over 550 miles across the state. Now in what is called the toe. Maybe tomorrow we will get to Kentucky. We could travel faster if you could and come and carry our bags!


  2. Here’s to wishing you open campgrounds and lots of downhill paths over the next few days. Looking forward to your next update. Love you!


  3. I love your stores about your travel adventures! This is an experience of a life -time and I am so happy you are sharing it with all of us! Stay safe my friends! Love you!

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