Day 18 to Rosedale, VA to Council, VA

Total miles: 18, +/- elevation: 1706/2172. Total miles so far 534. Weather: Cloudy, upper 40’s to start, partly cloudy upper 50’s in afternoon.

Woke up this morning to low temperatures in the low 40’s and rain. Around 1pm the rain stopped so we loaded up the bikes and got moving. Our goal today was the City Park in Council, VA.

Honaker, VA
Lunch outside the library in Honaker.

One thing we are finding many convenient stores and restaurants that are supposed to be there are closed. We have learned not to pass up food when we find it. We bought lunch at Subway and enjoyed it on the steps of the local library. COVID and loss of coal jobs has made life in this part of the country difficult.

Sitting outside the library we met a woman who was returning some books about local history. One of the books was about The Melungeons a mixed race group of people that claimed to be descendants of Portuguese and German ancestors. Link if you are interested:

View along the road.
Beautiful place to camp in large park.

Camping was free at the park and we had the whole place to ourselves. Was very cold in the morning (37 degrees). We were heavily wrapped up in our sleeping bags wearing every layer of clothing we had. Around 6:30 I heard a few cars starting and idling nearby. Stuck my head out of the tent and saw over 20 cars lined up. As we were packing up camp the line of cars kept growing. Finally I saw someone directing cars and went down and asked him what was going on. He said they were lining up for the food pantry that was to start at 9 a.m.

Line of cars for the food pantry.
Feeding America was distributing the food.
Bikes loaded and ready to go in the morning.

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