Day 19 Council,VA to Breaks Interstate Park

Total miles 26, +/- elevation 1978/1752, Total miles so far 560. Weather 40’s to start, mid 60’s by afternoon.

Our ride today ended at Breaks Interstate Park. Both Kentucky and Virginia operate the park. It is called the Grand Canyon of the South. Riders ahead of us reported bears in the campground so we booked a room in the lodge for a reasonable price.

Wildlife sighting: Saw him on balcony at lodge.
Park staff says it is a Broadheaded Skink.
Getting into coal county.
Nice view! Lots of ride elevation to get us to this high point.

This part of Virginia is home to many musicians including Dr Ralph Stanley and The Carter Family.

The Grand Canyon of the South.

Good weather for the ride today.

12 thoughts on “Day 19 Council,VA to Breaks Interstate Park

  1. Allright…Kentucky straight ahead…you guys covered a lot of miles in VA….good to get into bourbon and horse country


  2. You’ve gotta earn those views. Nicely done. Beautiful country. You guys are doing a great job documenting this amazing ride.


  3. Beautiful pics! Wise move to book a room – don’t want to have you be a meal for the bears! So fun following you on this adventure, Pat and Mark.


  4. Love that you pay attention to the plants and wildlife on the route. Looking forward to seeing more as you ride thru different biogeographical regions. It is so fun to read your blog. It enables me to know the country in a deeper level and appreciate what we have here. Thank you for documenting your trip and sharing your experience virtually.


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