Day 20 Breaks Interstate Park

Day off or zero day so enjoyed Breaks Interstate Park.

Park is on the border of Kentucky but is actually on Virginia land. Park offers beautiful views, horse back riding, cottages, lake with boat rentals, camping and lodge. So something for everyone.

Started day having breakfast with Shelly and Don the couple from TX.
Felt like pioneer as had to walk 1.5 miles to do laundry. Yes I have a bike but a zero day for Pat is NO bike riding she would rather walk!

Park volunteer Karen lead a short hike down to a lake. She talked about the history of the area and the park, plants and wildlife. She is a retired teacher from the area who lives and volunteers here during the summer and in Biscayne National Park in Florida during the winter.

Display at Visitor center but interesting enough Resort was dry.
View from the dinner table.

5 thoughts on “Day 20 Breaks Interstate Park

  1. Indeed, a really beautiful spot. What a great view for dinner! It’s wonderful now, and probably is totally spectacular in the fall. Probably a fair number of people in the fall too. Gee, maybe you’ll have to do the ride again only this time you can go west to east so you catch this area in October.


  2. Beautiful view from the porch! Great no biking day with your need to do laundry and walk 1 1/2 miles. Enjoy the sites!


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