Day 21 Breaks Park to Hindman, KY

Total miles: 70, +/- elevation: 4938/5577, Total miles so far: 630, Weather: Low 40’s to start, partly sunny and low 70’s at end of day.

Not many options on places to stay so we had to make it 70 miles to the First Baptist Church in Hindman, Kentucky. We started rolling in the cold at 6:40 a.m. and arrived in Hindman almost 13 hours later. We met 2 other westbound cyclists on the route heading for the same destination and we all encouraged each other to make it through a long tough day.

We were excited to get to a new state! It was still cold so we were bundled up.

Hills here are much steeper but shorter.
Lots of nice riding in the valleys below the big climbs.
Mark and westbounder Scott from OH
David from CT with his recumbent bicycle.
Enjoying the view from the top of one of the climbs.
Did not see one of these.
Refueling stop. Wish all Post Offices served pizza.
We pass a lot of Post Offices and sometimes it is the only thing in town.
Our home for the night. Old Church now youth center and biker hostel.
Scott, Mark, Pat and David at the Church Hostel.

Enjoyed discussing bike touring, why we each chose the TransAm, our bikes, gear, and shared tales of our rides so far. Like many we have met they have some time commitments and will be riding faster than us. They are off on another long day of riding tomorrow. We are planning on doing 20 miles.

7 thoughts on “Day 21 Breaks Park to Hindman, KY

  1. You made it to Kentucky. Way to go. Your tushes are surely getting toughened up after 70 grueling miles. Congrats on that feat!!! So glad you are meeting other like minds along the way.


  2. 1. More beautiful country !

    2. Has anyone in this group ever dared to try the ubiquitous Hunt Bros pizza ?

    3. Your elevation graph looks like Bart Simpson’s hair.

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  3. Wow, 70 miles, 13 hours of riding—very impressive!!

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  4. Wow! 12.5% of your total miles up to that point in one day. That’s awesome! I am sure crossing the state line was a great mental milestone. The pictures continue to be fantastic and I am so impressed that you post so consistently. After 70 miles, I could imagine just wanting to call it a day.


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