Day 22 Hindman, KY to Hazard, KY

Total miles: 22, +/- elevation, 1073/971, Total miles so far: 652. Weather cloudy and a little drizzle and low 60’s.

No sign of the Dukes of Hazard or their car. We did a shorter ride today after our lengthy ride yesterday. From here it is 2 days ride to Berea.

All loaded and ready to roll.
Leaving church hostel this morning.
Scott – leaving before us
David leaving in the morning.
We had dinner last night from the pizza restaurant across the street.
Great mural in this small town

Nice view from these plots. Cemeteries are well maintained.

We pass a lot of post offices. No Pizza here.
Along the road.

4 thoughts on “Day 22 Hindman, KY to Hazard, KY

  1. I have been regularly pulling out my Rand McNally atlas to get a better feel for your progress—you are doing so well. Smart that you are pacing yourselves. Interesting comments about all the post offices that you have seen along the way.

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  2. Is there any stretch of 20 miles or so that is pretty much flat along your route?? The up / down has to really slow u down. Great updates – keep it up. Stay safe.


  3. We are really enjoying tracking your progress. So glad to see the great progress you are making. We are sure it was a great feeling when you entered the next state on your journey. Stay safe


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