Day 24 Booneville, KY to Berea, KY

Total miles: 45 +/- elevation: 3291/3097 total miles so far: 746 Weather: cloudy, low 70’s humid.

Went 4 miles or so this morning without seeing any cars. First traffic that passed us was this horse going the other direction. Horse was practicing proper lane usage and seemed to know where it was going. Did not stop to chat.

Met another westbound cyclist, Sam who just moved to Asheville, North Carolina with his girlfriend. Instead of getting a job he is biking to Oregon! As with most riders including us he commented that this is harder than he expected.

Many places we pass have Elk in their name. Elk were once very common in this area and were hunted to extinction just before the civil war. Elk have been reintroduced in abandoned coal mining areas.

Eastern Kentucky has some very poor areas. We saw many homes like this and worse. Some homes have old cars, trucks, appliances, and garbage on their property.

Big Boy and bike!
Cola sign is in good shape.
This part of Kentucky has many rock formations like this
and small waterfalls on the side of the road.

On a bicycle you never want to be in a valley heading for a town called Big Hill. Unfortunately we were.

Once we made the climb to Big Hill we were rewarded with a beautiful downhill.

Pat is happy because downhill is ahead.

We were able to book a room at the historic Boone Tavern Hotel for a surprisingly reasonable rate. Here we are on the porch celebrating finishing the first 2 out of 12 maps.

12 thoughts on “Day 24 Booneville, KY to Berea, KY

  1. Hi Mark & Pat: Our friend Dick Locke told us what you are up to, so we have been looking at you posts for the past week or so. It looks like you are having fun and enjoying your retirement. Have fun and stay safe, we will continue to enjoy your posts.

    Larry & Annell Nelson


  2. Our hearts go out to you Mark & Pat ! You must have appreciation for our early explorers. You are explorers. Few people can experience real “life in N. America” as you are. Sure that people are as interested in you as you of them. Your experience is special. Keep safe and thank you for the updates👍


  3. Looks like you found some affordable real estate finally. So apparently the good news is there actually is some affordable real estate in the US, the bad news is it’s in eastern Kentucky and looks like the photo you included. Very impressed with your trip documenting skills. Great story telling.


  4. Hi Mark and Pat – We are very happy for you making it to Berea and being able to stay in the Boone Tavern Hotel. Mary was born in the area and has taken me to Berea. I found the college amazing and would love for Brianna to go there. As I recall the restaurant in the hotel had a very nice wine list, hope Pat enjoyed it. We are really enjoying your posts, please keep them coming. Safe travels.


    1. I remember you and Mary going to Berea. It would be a great college for Brianna. My stepfathers parents were from Berea area also so good to finally see. Boone Tavern Hotel was a real treat!


  5. What a great accomplishment to have finished 2 maps! How happy you must have been when you arrived at the top of Big Hill – daunting task. I certainly admire your tenacity, Pat and Mark.


  6. Love that shot of the riderless horse ! And the RC Cola sign. Going to have to revisit both VA and KY, but not on a bike.



  7. Bet American Pickers find lots of treasures in the neck of the woods you are traveling. Must sat, the route sure is beautiful.


  8. Hi! I am friends with Marci Wollen who introduced me to this blog. My son plans to ride this trail beginning in June, so I have really enjoyed seeing some of your journeys here! Thank you! Great pedaling!! Alicia


    1. That is wonderful it has been a great experience. Please pass along our blog to him as he will probably catch up to us! Best to your son on his journey!


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