Day 28 Springfield. KY to Hodgenville, KY

Total Stats: 45 Miles, +/- elevation 2,136/2041, Total Miles so far: 867. Weather: mostly sunny mid 80’s.

Thought Illinois was the Land of Lincoln but there are lots of Lincoln historical sites in this part of Kentucky. The Lincoln family lived in and around Springfield and Abraham Lincoln was born in nearby Hodgenville.

Thanks everyone for the comments and encouragement. We are enjoying reading all of them. You are keeping us moving and motivated.

Set up tent under pavilion so no dew to contend with enabling an early start.
Drive through or should I say bike through for breakfast sandwich. Girls jaw dropped when asked were we were going to get reply Astoria, OR.
Makers Mark Distillery guess we are on Bourbon Trail
Whole campus of Maker’s Mark storage buildings.

First Catholic Church we road by
Goats enjoying the beautiful day
Corn planted will it be knee high by 4th of July?
This was totally unexpected.
Roadside farm had camels, alpaca, and miniature horses.
Mark making new friends
Barn quilt
Town square in Hodgenville
Our buddy Abe
Lucky day for us Buffet across from Lincoln Inn we are staying! Unfortunately biker midnight comes about the time show is to start so two hungry bikers went to Saturday night buffet!

13 thoughts on “Day 28 Springfield. KY to Hodgenville, KY

  1. Again…thanks for the early morning info…everyone will have your info available by 6am..if I remember to send the attachment..ha…circle the cities on the map as you get there..moving right along..keep plugging


  2. We are enjoying your posts, not sure we would try something like this. Maybe in our younger days, maybe but I doubt it. We just have to ask, how many flat tires have you had?
    Annell and Larry Nelson


    1. Thanks Larry, no flat tires yet! Our tires are something called Schwalbe Marathon Plus. They are known for durability. Downside is they are heavier than normal tires. Mark


  3. You guys are really doing awesome! If I didn’t know better I’d say the pictures of KY (except Berea) in your travelblog were taken in the vicinity of Martinsville, IN. Safe travels.


  4. Love all of your pictures and interesting comments. So look forward to your daily blogs. Continue safe travels.


  5. We look forward to your pictures and your stories throughout your travels! You are both an inspiration to others that thought about taking on a journey such as yours, but just has not gotten to it. There is so much history out there and I feel fortunate to be part of that through your blog. Stay safe and have fun!! Love you both!


  6. It appears that you have moved into a more prosperous portion of Kentucky. Makers Mark is my liquor of choice. Would it be too much to ask if you could bring me back a bottle or two from the distillery? 45 miles yesterday was very impressive—nearing the 1,000 mile mark.


  7. So fun to follow you two on your exciting adventure! With all your working out at SportsMed and Wheaton Sports Center (along with much more I’m sure 😊) in the past, you are well qualified for a fun and exciting challenge like this! Keep goin’, looks like you’re doing great!!


  8. Camels, goats, a horse on a trip… pigs yet? That’s probably a good thing since they have a very distinct aroma. I’m so enjoying your posts and pictures!!!! Thank you both!!!


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