Day 29 Hodgenville, KY to White Mills, KY

Total miles: 21 miles, +/- elevation: 860/932, Total miles so far: 888. Weather: Partly cloudy upper 80’s Another hot day although a few clouds made it a little more bearable.

Got a bit of a late start today. Looked around at Abraham Lincoln Birthplace National Historic Park. The park is on land that the Lincoln family once owned. The park includes The First Lincoln Memorial that houses a cabin that was thought to be the cabin where Lincoln was born. Modern technology has proven that the cabin dates from about 40 years after his birth but represents a cabin of the type where he was born.

Abraham Lincoln Memorial Building.
Symbolic cabin inside Memorial Building.
Downtown Sonora Kentucky. Another downtown that has seen better days.

Our accommodations tonight are at the White Mills Volunteer Fire Department. We are sleeping inside in the air conditioning! Dan from the fire department lives across the street and showed us around. We also were able to do laundry at Dan’s house and hung out on his front porch and met his dogs. Dressed in bike clothes we thought he might be another TransAm rider. Dan was going out for an afternoon bike ride.

With Dan at volunteer fire department.
Made a new friend.
Dan’s house and his 2 dogs.
1967 Willis Jeep still in service.

7 thoughts on “Day 29 Hodgenville, KY to White Mills, KY

  1. So heartening to hear about all of the wonderful people that you have met along this ride that are so kind and generous. Must have felt good to sleep in air conditioning! Continue staying safe and enjoying your journey. You two are amazing!


  2. Thank God for fire stations…air conditioning after a hot day of biking…closest thing to heaven on earth, isn’t it?


  3. I’m so happy you’re doing this tour! I’m impressed with your daily photos and detailed descriptions. I never have time for both on my tours, I’m lucky to get a FB photo posted.
    I’m equally glad that you’re riding your ride, not on anyone else’s itinerary or agenda. Keep enjoying your adventures and I, and I’m sure your other followers, will continue to bask in them through your experiences. Safe travels my friends!


  4. You are both amazing.. glad you are still enjoying it and having fun meeting great people and seeing parts of this country that are just wonderful. Maybe when you come back if you decide to “scale down” you could build a little cabin like the one in the museum that was like Lincoln’s family home .LOL


  5. My faith in humanity has been restored after reading about the kindness & generosity of the folks you are meeting on this journey. Puts a great big smile on my face. And, you met a friendly dog. Yea!!!


  6. Glad there are so many friendlies to help out as you go across country. I assume this national bike route lends itself to many people being regular helpers as well as ad hoc helpers on the road. I’m sure pat with her nature is making lots of new friends.


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