Day 30 White Mills, KY to McDaniels, KY Axtel Campground

Total miles: 32 miles, +/-elevation: 1,617/1,690, Total miles so far 920. Weather sunny and 88. Yes another hot day but got an early start which helps.

Girls came over to wish us well. Just love the gentle giant black dog.
After rated climb saw this sign and hoped it was “Breckenridge CO” we can dream but then we will be out of hill climbs and doing Rocky Mountains
Amish roadside stand Fresh picked Strawberries there was a lot more in this bag before picture was taken
Pat’s friend Judy from Indianapolis drove down to take us to dinner! What a treat. When Pat’s family moved to Bellwood Judy age 6 came knocking at door and asked my folks “Do you have any girls?” Judy came from family with brothers. We have been close friends ever since.
How many years? Pat or Judy aren’t saying!
Judy and John from Indianapolis
John and Judy with us. It was a beautiful day. thanks for the great company and dinner! Yes you bet Mark and I ordered dessert!
When we were back at campsite we met another westbound cyclist. Scott Smith from NY heading to San Francisco. This is traditional for a graduate from cross country team to bike across country he is the 4th to attempt it! He has been doing many 80+ mile days. He was going out for a run because he “only”did 40 miles on the bike today!

5 thoughts on “Day 30 White Mills, KY to McDaniels, KY Axtel Campground

  1. Getting awfully close to that 1,000 mile mark! Just ride with Scott today and you’ll have it! 😉

    That must have been refreshing to see a familiar friendly face.


  2. How nice that Judy came to see you and take you out for dinner – what a thoughtful friend! Can’t believe that you have almost traveled 1,000 miles – very impressive. We miss you at Acme, Pat and Mark!


  3. Very fun to see Judy and her husband (Judy’s looking great) and great fun that they came down and took you out to dinner. How many runs have you guys got in on your trip? Oh to be that young again.


  4. I truly saw tears of joy when we arrived. It was worth every mile of driving on Monday to experience those tears and to spend time with you. What a system you have in place…….amazing and inspiring. We were in the midst of heroes. We are continuing to pray for your safety and endurance.


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