Day 33 Sebree, KY to Cave in Rock State Park, IL

Total miles: 57, +/- elevation 3215/2982 Total miles so far: 1053. Weather, mostly sunny and hot.

Today we said goodbye to Kentucky. We met so many friendly, helpful people. The roads have mostly been in good shape, scenic and have had little traffic. Almost every turn was marked with one of the green and white “76” bike route signs.

Ernest drove by us as we were making out way towards his property and was out mowing when we reached it. He was very interested in our journey and showed his Kentucky hospitality by offering to let us sit in the shade by his hunting cabin. Like many others he shared his stories of passing cyclists. We enjoyed conversing with him.

We crossed over into Illinois on the Ohio River Ferry. We were able to get a room at the lodge at Cave in Rock State Park. Forecast was for big storms so we were glad to have a roof over our heads. Shelly and Jens from Oregon also booked a room at the park and joined us for dinner.

Off the Ferry and on to Illinois highway 1.
Found the Illinois sign!
Our room/cabin at Cave in Rock State Park.
View of Ohio River from our room. Storm clouds moving in.

9 thoughts on “Day 33 Sebree, KY to Cave in Rock State Park, IL

  1. Wow y’all are making great progress! We hope to be back on the trail in Berea around June 3 – 5…


  2. You guys are making good time, at least in my book. Mary and I don’t travel much faster than this in our car. So happy for you guys finally getting to do this. Safe travels.


  3. What, no crossing the water by bike? Bet another mode of transportation felt good. Great shot of the Ohio River and storm clouds through your cabin window. Continued safe travels.


  4. You two are really pedaling along . The view of the Ohio river from your cabin , looks very tranquil !
    Continued safe travels .


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