Day 35 Harrisburg, IL to Carbondale, IL

Total miles: 48, +/-elevation, 653/666, Total miles 1138. Less windy today but seemed to get cooler as day progressed 55 degrees.

Strange to see IL car license plate since we were used to VA then KY. Also seems strange to be in home state and not stopping at home but hard to believe home is 350 miles north of Carbondale.

Destination for day!
When stopped in Marion for lunch girl taking our order asked if we were riding on RT 13 this morning…. we are hard to miss!!!
Shoulder turned into bike lane so nice then we arrived at Marion, IL and bike lane disappeared!!
Crab Orchard Lake
Doug owner of Phoenix bike shop in Carbondale
Is that a Carbondale sign we see!!!
Met another westbound cyclist Matt who started in Durham NC heading to CA to visit friend.
Bike shop recommended Quatro’s Pizza delicious!

5 thoughts on “Day 35 Harrisburg, IL to Carbondale, IL

  1. Nice for you to get a glimpse of Illinois even if you are 350 miles from home. Every time I look at you on your bikes with the vast amount of baggage that you each are carrying it amazes me that you are able to bike so far each day. Take care and continue safe travels.


  2. Might as well sell that place in Warrenville. Your new home is the open road. You’ve barely been there since you retired! You’re doing a fabulous job, keep up the great work.


  3. Southern Illinois is where I was raised!!!! As you discovered, it’s really pretty, but I wouldn’t want to ride a bike up and down those hills. 🙂


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