Day 38 Chester, IL to Farmington, MO

Total Miles: 48 Miles, +/- elevation: 3366/2956., Total miles so far 1236. Weather: 60’s and rainy.

Hello Missouri state number Four.

Bridge taking us to Missouri. Locals complaining bridge was old and needed to be replaced. We made it across without any trouble.

Saw our first Armadillo.

Wasn’t open but possibly could of been on Tiger King Show

Random bears along roadside out in countryside,

Good to see the Route sign in Missouri as there were none our home state of Illinois. First 10 miles today pretty flat but hills waiting in the distance.

Rolling hills starting again as we head into the Ozarks

Riding through wine country however it seems only open weekends

Our home for the night. Al’s Place TransAmerican Trail Cyclers Inn. Was a jail on the first floor and the Sheriff lived on the second floor. Upstairs is now great bike hostel with showers, kitchen, great sleeping areas and washer dryer. Farmington is a nice little town with restaurants, grocery and coffee shops.

4 thoughts on “Day 38 Chester, IL to Farmington, MO

  1. Mark and Pat…congratulation for knocking off your third state. Continued safe travels.


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  2. Wow! You all are riding quickly!
    By car, we guessed the state based on the roadkill we observed.
    Took us as long by auto as you’re doing on bikes!👍


  3. Progress. Hope you intend to write a book about these terrific experiences you are having. That’s what you can do to busy yourselves when you get back to Warrenville. How wonderful that so many places have created such great accommodations. Who would have imagined? Keep having fun!


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