Day 39 Farmington, MO

Stats: 0 Miles, visited bakery, coffee shop, lunch and diner.

Took the day off in Farmington. We enjoyed lunch with Mark’s cousin Ginna and another day at Al’s bike hostel.

Megan (Lincoln Park, IL) , Keeli (DC), Eastbounder Mike (Lander, WY) at bike hostel with us. Also Scott #3 who we met previously at campground and Matt that we met at bike shop. Scott and Matt left in the morning. The girls left with a friend for an off day in Saint Louis.

Had dinner with Shelly and Jens who arrived in the afternoon after riding in the rain most of the day from Chester.

Bakery Originally HC Meyer Bldg 1919 and was service station. Now serves delicious donuts.

Mark’s cousin Ginna drove down from St. Louis and bought us lunch. We had a nice visit.

Rest day in Hostel

Messed up another room

6 thoughts on “Day 39 Farmington, MO

  1. I like those colorful socks, Pat. You two are just messing up rooms so that you never get invited back on another trip!


  2. At least it looks, so far, that you have had a nice mix of places to stay with most not on the ground. Good for you. Excellent trip planning!


    1. Best is if can be under cover so can get going faster in am. The maps have suggestions in each town telling us if they have accommodations. Maps are constantly changing so we do lots of planning to figure out next day! We call our planning sessions “Map Meetings”


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