Day 40 Farmington, MO to Middlebrook, MO (Johnson’s Shut-In’s State Park)

Today’s Stats: 36 Miles, +/-elevation 1,496/1,483 elevation, Total Miles so far: 1,272. Temperature today 79 degrees and luckily sunny/cloudy so made it a pleasant riding temperature. Destination today was Johnson’s Shut-Ins State Park.

Above is Wikipedia description of what “Shut-In” means in name of campground. Other bikers told us about swimming hole at this campground now it makes sense. Nice campground with lots of space.

Don’t think we can get this truck running to take us the rest of way on TransAmerican Trail.

Met an eastbound rider today James from Denver. His friend Jim who he is riding with was behind him but we missed connecting with him. They are riding the TransAmerican to Underground Railway Trail to Maine and down the coast to Ft . Lauderdale.

Around the table
Bob, Pat, Mark, Jens, Shelley and Michelle

Shelley and Jens were also at the same campground. Jens college roommate Bob and his wife Michelle are traveling in his fifth wheel trailer and had arranged to meet them. They invited us to a wonderful dinner. We very much enjoyed the food and conversation.

Heavy dew on the tent this morning took a while to get it dried out.

When camping we usually make coffee and some oatmeal for breakfast. Our Jet Boil will boil 2 cups or water in about 3 minutes. The Jet Boil breaks down to store in the water container. Note rubber duckie on Pat’s handlebars supervising this operation.

4 thoughts on “Day 40 Farmington, MO to Middlebrook, MO (Johnson’s Shut-In’s State Park)

    1. On this day we were out with bikes 6:38 hours and actual peddling time was 4:16 hours. We try to take a break every couple hours and longer for lunch to just get off bikes to replenish and refresh.


  1. I also have used a jet boil for years when car camping and backpacking. Similar breakfast food for me too. Coffee, oatmeal and oat squares.


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