Day 42 Ellington, MO to Eminence, MO

Today’s Stats: 27 Miles, +/- elevation, 2,612/2,549. Total Miles 1,327. It was 86 degrees again but were able to get earlier start since we were in Bike Hostel. Hot steamy weather and unrelenting Ozark hills made for a difficult day of riding.

The Eminence area is known for Horse Trail rides and they will be hosting “Summer Fun Trail Ride” This June which is 1 of 9 for 2021. These are family oriented and expect 1,000-1,300 guests. Our tIming was good to be between these events so we were able to get into a motel.

The Current River which locals advised this bridge flooded in 2016. It was called the Great Flood and rained 26” causing many flooded rivers.

Beautiful river

Elevation profile from our day in the Ozarks.


Our lunch spot to catch some shade and our breath. The Ozark National Scenic Riverway is 32 miles long and have off shoots to all the different river views many down gravel roads so we stuck to main highway through.

This was next door to where we were enjoying “Big T and Mamma D’s Barbecue”. Axe throwing anyone?

4 thoughts on “Day 42 Ellington, MO to Eminence, MO

  1. Smitty’ s Hatchet House has it all, and when you tire of washers,cornhole, and axe throwing they have tabletop games…America at its finest

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  2. Ouch, on your elevation profile. The current river is a well known and beautiful canoeing river in the US. I was always going to canoe it, but as Willy Nelson beautifully sang…”Ain’t it funny how time slips away”.


  3. Mark, keep your head way down and stand way back if Pat should start throwing, she sometimes is not sure which way things will go, Have fun you two, stay safe.


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