Day 43 Eminence, MO to Houston, MO

Today’s Stats: 43 miles, +/- elevation, 3,114/2500, Total miles so far 1370. It was 70’s and high humidity in morning but started to look stormy there seemed to be a breeze. Still a lot of hills but seemed a little easier today.

We made it to Houston! (Missouri). Got a nice room for a low price at the Lazy L motel. Houston has a few more amenities than we are used to including fast food restaurants and a super Walmart.

Walked to the Walmart for some food and supplies. Only restaurant in the area that was not fast food was a Pizza place that appeared closed from the outside. Sign on the door indicated the dining room was closed but drive through was available. We walked through the drive up window and ordered a pizza and some salad and it was not bad!

Sinclair station has Dino chained up so he can’t get away.

Current River
Not many people paying attention to these signs.

Our roadside survey indicates Bud Light is litterers favorite beer.

Ozark Mountains starting to ease up. Long rolling hills in front of us!

Mark approaching a spectacular down hill!

Coopers Grocery Store long gone but surprisingly the sign in good shape. We pass a lot of closed stores.

Shelly, Jens and Mark getting out of the sun for break best places are churches. As we were sitting there a local came by to see if we needed anything. We had a nice chat with her.

5 thoughts on “Day 43 Eminence, MO to Houston, MO

  1. Impressed that you traveled 43 miles with challenging terrain. That view of the long rolling hills is very cool! Jeff and I are both enjoying following you on your long trek.


  2. Pat and Mark….43 miles on day 43–very impressive. Is this the new norm, i.e. 50 miles on day 50, 100 miles on day 100, etc. I love your scientific study that Bud Light is the beer of choice. Obviously the craft beer craze has not yet hit Houston, MO.

    You two have accomplished so much—well done.

    Jeff Sent from my iPhone



    1. I love reading your posts and seeing your pictures and friends!!!! Thank you for taking the time to post for us!!! Esther is so proud of you both. 🙂


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