Day 45 Hartville, MO to Marshfield, MO

Total miles: 29, +/- elevation: 1778/1467, Total miles so far: 1438. Weather cloudy low 80’s. Predicted rain did not happen and clouds keep the temperature reasonable.

Our destination today was Marshfield, MO. The town features a replica of the Hubble Telescope in the center of town. Astronomer Edward Hubble was born in Marshfield.

Shelley and Jens were riding ahead of us and let us know about the Clay house where we had a delicious lunch.

Cute goats along the way.
Cemetery well decorated.
Marshfield is also on historic Route 66.

5 thoughts on “Day 45 Hartville, MO to Marshfield, MO

  1. You do such a nice job with your blog – love the interesting pics that you share! Bet the Clay House Tea Room was charming.l


  2. I look forward to reading your blogs!! Such wonderful memories you will have as you go along your way! Thanks for sharing the history of each place you stop at. So proud of you both to keep your dream alive and not giving up! Stay safe!! Love you!!


  3. What an incredible journey. We love your blog. I am a route 66 fan and for many years contributed to the Route 66 Preservation Society. Went through Marshfield, MO in 1957 and 1959 on our way from Chicago to California. Anna Lynn and I love to talk about what slugs we are compared to you both. you bring a daily smile to our faces.


  4. Very interesting about Edwin Hubble being born in Marshfield. Knowing there was a strong connection between Hubble and Wheaton. checking the internet I learned that Hubble moved from Marshfield to Wheaton before the age of one. As you probably know, one of Wheaton’s Middle Schools is named after Edwin Hubble.

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