Day 46 Marshfield, MO to Ash Grove, MO

Total miles: 47, +/- elevation 3081/3445, Total Miles so far: 1485. Weather: hot and humid high 90. Our luck ran out with the weather. The sun came out and warmed things up. The high temperatures plus the second to the last of the Ozark hills made for a tough day cycling.

Destination today was Ash Grove, Missouri. The city provides a nice bike hostel with everything we needed, air conditioning, showers, kitchen and free use of the community pool that was right next door!The pool was just what we needed after a long, hot day. Shelley, Jens and Mallory joined us at the hostel.

Sign said road was closed but locals advised us that it was passable by bike. We had no problems getting through and enjoyed a few miles of car free riding.

City hall took our picture when we checked in to the hostel.

At our hotel this morning we met another westbound cyclist, Mallory from New York. Like most of the young people we meet she is traveling pretty fast but is going to the same hostel tonight.

Dolores and Marc at Mama Loca’s Cafe

When we arrived in town looking for City Hall a woman came out of nowhere offering us directions to city hall (we were standing in front of it) and the hostel. She told us about the delicious offerings at her restaurant across the street. After a swim and a shower we returned for dinner. Dolores and Marc told us stories about cyclists that had passed through over the years.

Jens, Shelley, Pat, Mark, Mallory
Delivery Vehicle.
Ash Grove Hostel. It is an old farmhouse.

6 thoughts on “Day 46 Marshfield, MO to Ash Grove, MO

  1. 47 miles in 90 degree weather makes for a tough day..Bruce from the club had ridden 30 plus miles and came by our Wed meeting..we were all sitting in the shade,praising your excellent effort and it is just unbelievable..keep hitting the road


  2. Your mileage is impressive considering the weather and the hills. What appealing lodging, and a pool next door – wonderful treat!


  3. Wow, it looks like you are only a couple of days away of putting Missouri in your rear view mirror—knocking off another state. The hostel looked very nice and how fun to meet fellow travelers. I am so impressed at how well you guys are doing.

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  4. Great photos! Hot and humid and you both keep pushing forward…..I love it!! So happy that Covid is behind us now and you can meet all the wonderful people. Noticed Mallory has a great tan…..saw her tan line when sitting in the cafe!


  5. You are meeting some very interesting people along the way. The info you provide about the sights along the way is very interesting. Safe travels.


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