Day 47 Ash Grove, MO to Golden City, MO

Today’s Stats: 36 Miles, +/- Elevation 1,726/1,657, Total Miles, Weather: 90 and sunny. Terrain: a few more hills.

Goal today was to arrive in Golden City before Cooky’s restaurant closed at 3 pm. We made it about 1 and enjoyed a delicious lunch, plus the famous pie and signed the biker guest book. Enjoyed the air conditioning and conversation with Shelly and Jens who arrived a little before us.

We camped at the town park in Golden City. No swimming pool at this park but a shelter, bathrooms and shower.

Our last night in Missouri.

Cooky’s famous for fresh pie! Just what cyclists are looking for!

Yes Ala Mode!

A few more Missouri hills.

We finally finished the Ozark mountains and after the last rated climb the terrain immediately changed.

R&R until the sun starts to set so camp can be set up as hoping it will get cooler. Bought a bag of ice to use for water and help cool down. It melted fast but we had a couple of hours of cold water!

Little League game at the park where we camped.
Boy Scouts built this miniature chapel in the park in 1954.
Inside the chapel.

6 thoughts on “Day 47 Ash Grove, MO to Golden City, MO

  1. I can understand wanting to arrive in Golden City before Cooky,s closed
    to enjoy some pie – looks like lots of choices! Congratulations on making it past the Ozarks, and now on to flatter terrain!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Ah, the simple pleasures of life….a wonderful glass of ice water on a hot day. Cooky’s cafe looks wonderful. Many many years ago when I worked for Natural Gas Pipeline Co. of America I did some environmental inspections accompanied by Clarence (actually I as the newbie was accompanying Clarence, who was a retired IL EPA administrator and was a consultant). We always sought out places to eat that featured home made pie. Heavenly!


  3. Pat and Mark,
    What an amazing journey! Enjoying all the pictures you have posted! Can’t wait until you get to Colorado. We are loving living in Monument!


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