Day 48 Golden City, MO to Pittsburgh, KS

Today’s Stats: 37 Miles. +/- Elevation, 817/899, Total Miles 1558. Weather HOT guess the Midwest heat snap caught up with us. Temperature was in the 90’s with high humidity.

The Ozark hills gave us some rollers to the state line. We are glad that is now behind us. Ready for flat Kansas but now have to get used to riding in heat and humidity. Early starts are the answer but that is tough.

We had originally planned to stay an extra day in Pittsburg but and art show and softball tournament made hotel rooms scarce. We were lucky to get one night. Shelly and Jens were at the same hotel and we walked down the street to get some dinner. Entertainment during our meal was provided by a raging thunderstorm. Lots of rain and lightning so we had to wait a while before walking back to the hotel.

Made it to Kansas. No sign so Pat made her own.

By many rivers in MO this scale is at roadside must see floods often.

Changing landscape wheat, corn and windmills.

The history of DeKalb Genetics Corporation can be traced back to Farm Bureau county organization in DeKalb, IL in 1912. Lots of corn on this part of the ride.

Garden store putting to good use old Chevy Truck.

Pittsburgh for tonight and replenishing fluids as soon as saw a Starbucks what a rare site on this trip!

Skies clearing after big rainstorm.
So much rain this frog ran up a window.

3 thoughts on “Day 48 Golden City, MO to Pittsburgh, KS

  1. Wow, you have cleared one more state and are now in Kansas! You two truly amaze me with your determination. Weather sounds similar to what we are having here -lots of heat and humidity. Finally had an inch of rain yesterday. Wishing you the best as you continue this ambitious journey!


  2. Enjoy seeing that you found civilization so you can reward yourselves with a Starbuck’s treat. Congrats on hitting Kansas. Flats ahead.


  3. Congratulations on Missouri—now you have finished traversing four states!! Very impressive.

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