Day 50 Chanute, KS

Today’s Stats: R&R

Was curious as to how town received it’s name. It was founded in 1873 and was named for railroad engineer and aviation pioneer Octave Chanute. He retired from his railroad career and dedicated his time to further aviation.

The Chanute Air Force Base in Rantou, Il was named in honor of Octave Chanute (1832 – 1910) for his pioneer aeronautical engineering, experimenter and friendship and advisor to the Wright Brothers.

FYI…..Chanute Air Force Base was decommissioned but AT&T has a mobile call center there.

Yes much needed R&R

Still messing up rooms!

With it’s rich railroad history they display this Santa Fe Engine on Main Street heading to the historic district.

We had a special treat today. Felipe (Pat’s boss from AT&T) and wife Jackie came to Chanute to treat us to dinner. Felipe got Pat up to date on changes with AT&T. Pat is not having any regrets on her retirement decision. Even if it meant riding the bike 4,228 miles across the USA.

Harlow at restaurant helping out was working hard seating people, cleaning tables and refilling drinks. Looked like whole family was helping out. We got a big kick out of her attentiveness and will be a dynamite waitress when she gets a little older.

6 thoughts on “Day 50 Chanute, KS

  1. Ahh..a day off..divine, isn’t it? Tough to get back on the guys are doing great..keep pedaling


  2. Good that you are taking R&R days, Pat and Mark. How nice that you had dinner with Pat’s boss and his wife – such a treat for you! Continue to be impressed with your progress on this ambitious trip!


  3. How nice that Felipe was able to meet you in Chanute. Love to learn the bits and pieces of interesting facts and history you find out along your trip.


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