Day 51 Chanute, KS to Eureka, KS

Today’s Stats: Miles 61, +/- Elevation 1,434/1,345, Total Miles 1,677. Weather continues to be in 90’s.

We got rolling at about 5:40 this morning to try to beat the heat. First 40 miles were pretty pleasant but by early afternoon it was plenty hot and the last 20 miles were challenging. Made it to Eureka and took a dip in the pool at the motel.

Pat ready to go before sunrise.
Roadside sights.
Early morning riding creates interesting shadows.

Shelly and Jens were taking a rest day at a bed and breakfast along the route. We stopped in and enjoyed air conditioning and conversation. The B&B is called Sassy Sisters and it is in an old church.

Going fishing.
We are in the Flint Hills. We thought Kansas was going to be flat.

Bench in front of old hotel in downtown Eureka.

Met Westbounder Greg from CT

Crop duster

Had delicious burger and salad here.

They had everything!

A TransAm must stop for lunch, sign biker book, get lizard for bike!

Woohoo we got our Lizards for bikes!!!!

Pat chatted with Direct TV – AT&T worker.
Farmland along the road. Seeing less corn.

9 thoughts on “Day 51 Chanute, KS to Eureka, KS

  1. Pat
    Ah yes..5:40 am start..Judy would start with me in to Northside Park in Wheaton where the bike would be deposited in the lagoon and Uber called..extreme effort on your part…Judy Hoskins is enrolled to Kansa and said she will meet up with you guys..will enjoy her take when we see her…good riding


  2. Fun sites on this trip from Chanute to Eureka. Sorry about the heat, however. Didn’t know KS could be this interesting. Better not let my family read this. Love the picture of the shadow. Just finished reading Klara & the Sun. Will never look at a shadow the same again.


  3. Wow, you are really moving along! Sorry about the extreme heat in Kansas – smart you are getting started early. Enjoy seeing Judy!


  4. Great pictures!!!! If I ever travel across the country, I should follow the biker route because of your pictures. Beautiful…..interesting…..informative…..interesting places to eat…… Thank you both for keeping the pictures and information about your trip coming. I so look forward to them!!


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