Day 54 Sterling, KS to Great Bend, KS

Today’s Stats: Miles 43, +/- Elevation 502/253, Total Miles 1,857. Weather: Sunny and 70’s to start, very windy, upper 80’s by late morning, 100’s by afternoon.

Finally found the flat Kansas but found the cross/head wind of 20 mph. Another hot day but we were done riding by about 10:30 a.m. because of another early start.

Courthouse in Lyons, Kansas

Eastbound cyclist Wolfgang who started in Oregon at western most lighthouse and heading to Maine the eastern most lighthouse and traveling greater than 5,000 miles. Part of his journey is on the TransAm route.

Light pole decorations in Ellinwood, Kansas

We arrived still in time for breakfast thanks to early start!

Owner Dennis and helpfull staff!

Dennis and staff graciously gave us each a piece of homemade coconut cream pie as dessert to our breakfast! Super tasty

Our friend Judy is in Hays Kansas visiting family and came down to Great Bend to take us to dinner!

Patty, Ken (Judy’s sister and brother-in-law), Mark, Pat and Judy at Restaurant.

Lucky we got off the bikes early in the day.

8 thoughts on “Day 54 Sterling, KS to Great Bend, KS

  1. Bet it was great to see Judy! So nice that she and her sister and brother-in-law were able to meet up with you. Yum, dessert after your breakfast! Love hearing about your travels.


  2. Our 60 mile ride back to the farm after we saw you for dinner was rather pleasant in the car. Neither heat nor wind bothered us! Did rehash the stories, however. Patty is so interested in your travels, she is now part of the blog. So good to be with you.


  3. How fun that Judy came down from Hays to visit. I can believe the extremely hot weather that you are experiencing.

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  4. I just love reading the information you provide about your bike journey. I read it first thing in the morning along side breakfast There is so much history on the back roads and small towns in our country. You are almost half way through the USA and I am amazed at your physical endurance. Keep on trekking.


  5. My goodness, 107 degree Fahrenheit. Was it humid? Smart decision to start riding early. How early did you start to be able to finish 43 miles.


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