Day 55 Great Bend

Today’s Stats: Laundry completed. Package picked up.

Temperature to go again over 100. So we decided to take a rest day. Soaked up as much A/C as we could.

Nice Laundromat, Was unable to get change machine to take $5 bill so woman there ironed the bill for me! Worked like a charm.

Helper at laundromat

Picked up package at local UPS store/art studio/market

3 thoughts on “Day 55 Great Bend

  1. Glad you are taking rest days, Pat and Mark. You have accomplished so much in your 53 days on your bikes!


  2. Glad you got some A/C. Good to know we can iron our money – if it would change from $1 to a $100 when we ironed that would be even better.


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