Day 57 Ness City, KS to Scott City, KS

Today’s Stats: Miles 56, +/- Elevation, 1,122/512, Total Miles 1,976. Weather: 90’s party cloudy and windy.

Kansas has been very challenging. Hot temperatures, wind and some hills. We got another early start and riding was great for a few hours until a strong headwind began to slow us down. Fortunately after a few hours the wind turned to more of a crosswind and we were able to make it to Scott City.

Riding at sunrise.

Tyler from PA going Eastbound.

A windy day!

Daniel from UT. He started in Salt Lake and heading to South Carolina. he is biking for climate change awareness.

Passed another racer on the road today.

When we arrived in Scott City our destination for today we immediately went to Casey’s for cold drink…..we are with Mark from Australia one of the racers. He was in his bike at 3 am and planning on bike all night. We just can not imagine as our moving time for bike today because of wind was 7 hr 47 min 25 sec but who is counting

Racer Mark not carrying much gear

Eastbounder Adin

Our home for the night the First Baptist Church youth center and bike hostel. Air Conditioning, showers, kitchen and plenty of room to spread out. Shelley, Jens and eastbounder Joe also stayed at the hostel.

9 thoughts on “Day 57 Ness City, KS to Scott City, KS

  1. 】,headwinds,heat…you have it all…keep plowing both deserve tons of credit..I thought the cornfields of Illinois would give one delirium, but Kansas takes the cake so far


  2. WOW, what a day on the job; true manual labor. Glad you are almost thru grueling Kansas. Bet you didn’t figure on such a challenge in such a flat state, but Mother Nature doesn’t take orders! Keep on keeping on. You both are amazing. Sun rises beautiful. Have you seen any combines? It’s wheat harvest time.


  3. Certainly didn’t expect that Kansas would be so difficult. I guess you never know what you may encounter. So impressed by your determination, Pat and Mark. Keep up the good work biking!


  4. Good lord it sounds like there is a traffic jam of bikers in Kansas, who knew. Hopefully by the time your read this you will have passed the 2K mile marker. You guys are just incredible. Safe travels.


  5. Drinking my coffee in my air conditioned house reading your posts! I look forward to reading your posts everyday. You both are amazing pushing forward in that heat. Congratulations on keeping your dream alive! Love you both!


  6. Mark and Pat you guys are unbelievable!!!Keep pedaling and enjoying the people and the sights. .just keep going your ultimate goal of completion. Keep those bottoms dry. Best Biking


  7. Pat and Mark….closing in on the 2,000 mile mark—a major milestone. Very interesting to learn about all the eastbound bikers that you have encountered on your journey. It has to be fun to regularly recap the day’s ride with Shelly and Jens. Continued good luck as you move closer to putting another state behind you.


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  8. You two are amazing!!!! I don’t even like sitting outside in that kind of heat and you two are bicycling in it – I just can’t imagine your fortitude!! But I love reading your posts❤️


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