Day 58 Scott City, KS to Tribune, KS

Total distance: 47 miles, +/- elevation: 997/289, Total distance so far: 2023. Temperature: Mostly cloudy and in the 70’s.

Weather finally broke and temperatures in the 70’s made for a pleasant ride to the City Park in Tribune where we camped for the night. This will be our last night in Kansas. We are only 14 miles from Colorado.

Mark, Pat, Shelly, Jens, Joe at the hostel after breakfast at Broiler Bar and restaurant in Scott City. Joe headed east. Shelley and Jens rode with us west to Tribune.

We are route 96 for over 300 miles. Not a lot of navigation needed on this segment. The roads in Kansas have been pretty good, decent shoulder, low to moderate traffic, surface in good shape and lots of signs for our bike route 76. A few share the road with bicycles and give bikes 3 feet signs hopefully made people aware that bikes are going to be on the road.

Mural in Leoti on today’s route.

Riding along in the middle of nowhere we saw a bakery! Our maps and gps are pretty good about identifying places to stop along the route but this was not listed so it was a pleasant surprise. Enjoyed some baked goods and refreshments.

Bike sculpture at bakery.

We went over 2000 total miles today! View from the driver’s seat of Pat’s bike. Components left to right: rubber ducky, switch for headlight & taillight, lizard from lizard lips cafe in Toronto, Kansas, odometer/speedometer, Garmin GPS. Also solar light charging on top of handlebar bag.

Nice campsite at the Tribune City Park. Little league baseball games going on but did not stop us from falling asleep.

7 thoughts on “Day 58 Scott City, KS to Tribune, KS

  1. So glad weather cooperated for your night under the stars. Did it get a bit chilly in the a.m.? No wonder Pat’s bike is heavy, she’s toting a zoo. Such great experiences you are having. Welcome Colorado. Be safe!


  2. Woo Hoo, you have reached the 2000 mile mark!! That is an amazing accomplishment, Pat and Mark. Exciting that you are soon in Colorado – best of luck with the challenges ahead.


  3. Holy Moly!!! 2,000 miles!! Congratulations on your accomplishment!! Stay safe and enjoy Colorado! Love you both!
    Cannot wait to hear about your Colorado experiences as you travel!


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