Day 59 Tribune, Kansas to Eads, Colorado

Distance: 59 miles, +/- elevation: 1312/564, total miles so far: 2082, weather: Sunny, low 90’s, windy with headwinds and crosswinds.

Another long tough day. Strong headwinds in the morning made for difficult and slow riding. We encountered a few eastbound cyclists today including 3 racers.

Not many stores on the route today but we were saved by stops at 2 churches. Shelly and Jens were ahead of us and alerted us to stops.

When cycling slowly up steep hills you are usually rewarded with a nice downhill. Biking into the wind gives no reward except more slow cycling. It is a mental and physical challenge. Wind slowed and changed to more of a crosswind by afternoon.

Made it to Colorado!

Racer Brooke Barney from Columbus, Ohio.

With no services for such long distances really have to carry enough water. No farm houses to even walk up to in this Great Plaines area of KS.

Eastbounder Kevin is from Elgin Illinois. He is a recent college graduate and is biking across country to his new job in Washington, DC.

Next rider that passed us was one of the racers, Mike Arenberg. He did not stop to chat but his biography on the race site says he is 61 years old and from South Elgin Illinois!

Thank goodness for two churches along the way to get out of heat and replenish water. These little fly’s are everywhere. They bite and some feel like a bee sting. We understand the flies are because of the grain.

We rode by this National Historic Site but was 8 miles in on gravel road so stopped at visitor center in Eads. This is a very sad part of our History.

We are going up.

10 thoughts on “Day 59 Tribune, Kansas to Eads, Colorado

  1. Small World..Mike Arenberg is a brother of Doug who went to Glenbard West with one or 2 of my kids..praise should be heaped on you both with crosswinds,fly stings, and God’s forsaken part of the route..keep grinding


  2. Interesting that you came upon upon 2 Elgin riders. I am so impressed by your determination and fortitude. Best of luck with the challenges ahead. We miss you at our Wednesday gatherings, Pat and Mark!


  3. Those flies are nasty. First the dogs, now the flies. Surely mountain lions won’t be in your future. Hope the weather starts cooperating with you. Thanks yet again for another history lesson, the Sand Creek Massacre. Rest day ahead soon?????


  4. Wow!! You have now traveled through five states—amazing. And moving into one of the most scenic areas of our country. In a future post, I am sure all of us would be interested to learn about your plan to traverse through the Rocky Mountains. Continued safe travels.

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  5. Welcome to Colorado! In a few days it will actually start to feel like Colorado, as you’ll finally be able to see the mountains. Wind and biting flies….not fun. Not a lot to slow down that wind on the high plains. Biting insects, one of my least favorite parts of outside recreating in the summer. But boy you guys are knocking it out of the park. You’re in CO, and roughly half way there. Congratulations!


  6. Welcome to Colorado!! We’ve been having some erratic weather but that’s nothing new! Your adventure has been incredible. Really enjoy the posts.


  7. I’m learning so much of our country’s history through your posts, and I thank you for taking the time to keep us updated on your progress and teach us through your stories and stops!


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