Day 60 Eads, CO

Rest Day to prepare for next leg of journey through Colorado. We explored the town of Eads and enjoyed a meal with other cyclists.

Eads, CO we are halfway across the TransAm! Only a few mountain passes to go!

Noah and Ben Eastbound riders, Shelly and Jens and you know the other two!

Maybe we could finish the route in this.
Nice hotel with biker discount.

Ryan Davis age 36 from Simpsonville, SC TransAmerica racer came in to restaurant as needed break from head winds and to eat. We were able to talk to him and he has crossed the US 5 times by bike. He is a traveling nurse which is a skill set that might come in handy.

Ryan’s lightly loaded bike

5 thoughts on “Day 60 Eads, CO

  1. A great big shout out to you. Half way, and way to go! Glad you celebrated with a day off. Does it feel like you have been on the road for two months? Lots of stories, lots of experiences. Thanks for sharing with us.


  2. That Winnebago must be a bit tempting at this point! But, know that you two are determined to travel by bicycle across the country – your tenacity is impressive! Wow, can’t believe Ryan has crossed the country 5 times – unreal :). Keep up the amazing journey 🙂


  3. Boy, these racers sure do travel light. Reminds me of through hikers that hike 30 miles a day; day after day. They don’t carry a lot either. Too bad the Winnebago wasn’t a bit newer and a bit smaller, otherwise, could have been your new wheels.


  4. That Winnebago looks tempting doesn’t it!! Maybe use it on the way back to IL? This could be a new adventure for you guys! Your travel blog enlightens me as to the many people, like yourselves, that find biking their passion to see our country. The people you meet along the way that support bikers by giving them water, showers, sleeping is just amazing. Keep up your goal of getting to Oregon!! Stay safe….love you my friend!!


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