Day 62 Ordway, CO to Pueblo, CO

Today’s Stats: Miles 52, +/- Elevation, 971/390, Total Miles 2195.

Weather was in the 80’s with low humidity. Started early as low winds so wanted to get a jump on that

Landscape changing as we make our way to Pueblo. Some desert plants with foot hills giving us vast views of valley in front of us.

Not seeing TransAm route signs in CO until this vintage one on Highway 50.

First view of Pikes Peak

Hotel rooms tough to find in Pueblo because Street Rod Nationals are in town.

Elevation starting to increase

Relaxing in our hotel room and we hear a hissing sound. Pat’s front tire went flat while her bike was just sitting still! We are lucky that this was our first flat and not on the side of the road.

At Pueblo we move to a new map! This map takes us to Rawlins, Wyoming. Only 6 maps to go.

7 thoughts on “Day 62 Ordway, CO to Pueblo, CO

  1. Great that you have made it to Pueblo, seems like a good place for a day of rest and take advantage of a city with things you might need to restock on… like an innertube. Although there is no doubt in my mind Pat has contingency plans for all possibilities, it was always one of her core strengths. I can’t tell you how impressive this is and I am very proud to say I know two people doing this. Safe travels.


  2. You two are making great progress! Glad you did not have a blowout on the road. Amazing that this is the first flat tire that you have encountered. Wyoming here you come!


    1. Thanks again for updates, just amazing. 2,000 miles on flat, seems great. It will be the last one you have


  3. So glad that flat tire happened while in your room! Continue traveling safely as you begin the next tough phase of your trip!!


  4. Pat and Mark…..I so look forward to your daily posts. Appears that you are about to embark on a really interesting portion of you trip—traveling north just east of the Rocky Mountains through some major population centers. Continued safe travels.


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  5. Oops, the dreaded flat tire. So glad it happened in your hotel room. Must have been a nail in the hallway to your room. Better scenery ahead for the two of you. So happy you were able to retire another map. Good pedaling my friends.


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