Day 63 Pueblo, CO to Cañon City, CO

Today’s Stats: Miles 37, +/- Elevation, 1,601/1,043, Total Miles 2,232. Weather: rain and low 60’s to start, partly sunny and low 70’s at the end.

Got a bit of a late start. Rain was supposed to stop at 10 but at 10 it was still raining so we started in a light rain. Rained on us for about an hour and then it was a pleasant ride in cooler temperatures.

Elevation in Canyon City, CO 5,331. We can now see the Rocky Mountains before us.

Ride today was on US 50. Moderate traffic but the road had a nice wide shoulder.

Riding into clouds on way to Cañon City.

Second road cyclist we have seen since VA and he gave us a thumbs up.

Passed Holy Cross Abbey on the way into town. It is a former monastery that is now an events center and winery.

Cañon city has a nice downtown with views of the mountains and historic buildings. Cañon City is about 2 hours south of Denver and is near the Royal Gorge.

2 thoughts on “Day 63 Pueblo, CO to Cañon City, CO

  1. Pat and Mark…. After reviewing Google Maps I think I better understanding of your route to Wyoming—following CO 9. If my assumption is correct this should be the most scenic and likely most challenging portion of your trip. Headed towards Breckinridge, a great place to stop along the way. Continued safe travels.


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  2. Nice weather should be your friend in the days ahead. Hope you enjoyed your replenish day. Enjoy your pedaling today.


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