Day 65 Canyon City, CO to Guffey, CO

Today’s Stats: Miles 33, +/- Elevation, 4,094/856, Total Miles 2,265. Guffey Elevation 8,891. Ended day in rain showers and temperatures in 60’s.

Tough day today with over 4000 feet of elevation gain. Our destination was Guffey, Colorado a legendary stop on the Trans America bike trail. No electricity, phone service or running water but lots of personality.

Home for night was cook house in mining camp. Shelly and Jens joined us.

Stayed at Bike hostel. Bill has been hosting cyclists since 1976.

Guffey was a mining town in Colorado that is close to a ghost town now population in 2020 was 10.

It takes lots of pictures to explain our unusual night in Guffy….. better than tent in rain!!!

Private Bath

As you can see our private bath is between the two Studebakers

Bunks in rustic cabin.

No running water or electricity

Messing up another place

Antiques in kitchen

Collection of old cars

We know what he meant

Eclectic collection of junk where we stayed.

What’s a little rain

Mark was trying to find Phone signal but instead found a young mule deer.

10 thoughts on “Day 65 Canyon City, CO to Guffey, CO

  1. Wow I love those old cars! You have been to some great locations! What a trip. Way to go Pat and Mark!


  2. Wow, really getting the feel of pioneer life with no electricity or running water! Will make you really appreciate hotels in the future. Certainly enjoy seeing pics and hearing about your travels, Pat and Mark.


  3. I am so amazed by many parts of your trip, but by biggest takeaway is that you both are always smiling. 4,000 climb OMG


  4. Wow, 4000 feet elevation in a day, very impressive! Maybe you can find some affordable real estate in Guffey. The rest of CO sure isn’t affordable anymore (unless you want to pick up a place in Eads on the eastern plains…somehow it doesn’t quite feel like “Colorado” there though).


  5. It’s going to be a bit humbling to casually ask “what’s new” next we see you when you return. Lol. You’re on an amazing adventure. Great pictures and tales. Stay safe out there.


  6. AMAZING1 You both are amazing. Your trip is amazing. Let me know when you are ready to take a cruise with us. That is about as adventurous as we get. Love reading every day.


  7. OMG…you guys are having such an adventure! The things you have seen and the people you have met! AWESOME! Keep going…we are all here rooting you on!


  8. What a “treasure” of a place Guffey is in more ways than one. Your experiences have to be treasured. So glad we can be part of them. Better clarify, not the physical part. Love these blogs and the history lessons you provide.


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