Day 66 Guffy, CO to Fairplay, CO

Today’s Stats: Miles 45, +/- Elevation, 2,621/1,401, Total Miles 2,310. Weather upper 40’s to start, mid 60’s by afternoon. Was a chill in air when we started today however we warmed up quickly when riding uphill.

Today’s stop was Fairplay originally established as a gold mining town in 1859 as part of The Pikes Peak Gold Rush. Today it is known as the trout fishing capital of Colorado. Also Fairplay inspired the background for the TV series South Park.

Climbed over Current Creek Pass 9,404 you can see the road way in distance we came over on.

17 Miles to Fairplay

Heading to Fairplay, you can see the mountains we are approaching and climbing towards.

Enjoying the beautiful views when not going up hill. If we make it look easy it is NOT.

Pedal to the metal for Mark

Made it to Fairplay elevation 9,954 feet.

9 thoughts on “Day 66 Guffy, CO to Fairplay, CO

  1. Did 17 miles feel like 71 miles? These pics are so beautiful. Much more scenic than Western KS & Eastern CO. Bet the cool weather is heavenly. One day at a time. Don’t think about the climbs.


  2. Hi Pat & Mark – I’ve been amazed with your journey and truly enjoying all your pictures. You’re awesome that you rode your bikes to that elevation. I can hardly play golf in that elevation without getting lightheaded. Thanks for taking the time to share your trip – just like being there.


  3. Wow – you two are amazing with what you have accomplished! and will accomplish as you continue across the country!


  4. Such an iconic place. Love that stretch of country! It may not be easy, but you’re DOING it and still going! Well done!!


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