Day 67 Fairplay, CO to Frisco, CO

Today’s Stats: Miles 33, +/- elevation, 1,946/2,657, Total Miles 2,343

Today’s ride took us over The Continental Divide. All uphill to the top of Hoosier pass and almost all downhill to Frisco.

Cool start in morning with temperatures in the 40’s. Prediction was for thunderstorms at noon so we wanted to be off the pass early. Saw a few dark clouds but no storms. Weather changes very quickly in Colorado.

Stopped in ALMA at General Store was nice as there was bike path between Fairplay and ALMA.

Sights along the route.

Nice riding on the bike path out of Fairplay.

Beautiful view as you start climbing towards Hoosier pass

Mark looking good

If you take a close look at photo you can see the road below.

Hoosier Pass Altitude 11,542

We did it! Made it before storm but very chilly at top.

View from top as we contemplate the decent.

Shelly and Jens rode with us to the top of the pass.

5 thoughts on “Day 67 Fairplay, CO to Frisco, CO

  1. Congratulations 🍾🎈 What a great accomplishment. I can’t even imagine riding on those rides in a car let alone on a bicycle.😘


  2. Congratulations!! I am so amazed as how you are enjoying this trip and meeting people. Love the pictures! Keep on riding…..can’t wait to see your next post!! Love you both!!


  3. Excellent work. Very exciting for you to have made it to the Continental Divide. I am so impressed by your grit, determination and perseverance. A few years ago, Colin and his friend Chris built an igloo about a half mile from your photo op spot in a major blizzard. As they say, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.


  4. I admired your spirit and perseverance so much! Not only you are striving for the destination but also you are discovering and learning along your way. Does reaching the Continental Divide means you are half way through your journey? I am rooting for you for the next half of the journey. Looking forward to read your report, always!!!


  5. Shared your post with HCLC PEOPLE Kathy and David Johnston, Brad and Sheila Philo and Nancy Furmanski Loved it Tom

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