Day 70 Frisco, CO to Silverthorne, CO

Today’s Stats: Miles 8, +/- Elevation, 230/436, Total Miles 2,351.

Changed hotels to set up for our next days in Colorado. Temperature low 70’s. Our short ride was on bike path around Dillon Reservoir.

April 1, 1961 was drop dead date to move Old Dillon which is now the reservoir. All buildings were moved or burned before filling reservoir. Only roads or foundations remain at bottom. This was 3rd time Dillon was moved.

Several of the buildings moved to neighboring towns. ie Antlers Cafe and Bar moved to Frisco; Hamilton-Dillon Hotel to Breckenridge and Old Dillon Inn, Post Office and General Store moved to Silverthorne.

3 thoughts on “Day 70 Frisco, CO to Silverthorne, CO

  1. Like Judy said, I missed my big chance to join you on a portion of your ride. As fate would have it, we are on the CA coast, although we’re not complaining. Nice shot of Dillon Reservoir.


  2. Beautiful photos from the last two posts. Especially of Pat’s toes dancing cuz they finally got to relax!! Thanks for sending the story about the Dillon Reservoir history. Such an interesting story about life back then. Stay safe in your travels!! Love you!!


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