Day 71 Silverthorne,CO to Hot Sulfur Springs, CO

Today’s Stats: Miles 56,+/- Elevation, 1,549/2,490, Total Miles 2,407. Weather today was sunny and 70’s.

More downhill than up made for a pleasant ride today. Pat had flat about 17 miles left to our destination luckily there was shoulder to fix.

Leaving Silverthorne. Nice sunny morning.

Started day on bike path until out of Silverthorne crossing many rivers.

Beautiful valley

Green Mountain Reservoir water level is low

If only a yarn store to go with these guys at Sky Lark Ranch.

Colorado River near it’s it’s beginning.

Entering Byers Canyon

Pat is working hard.

Group photo at the town sign.

4 thoughts on “Day 71 Silverthorne,CO to Hot Sulfur Springs, CO

  1. Glad that you had more downhill than uphill riding. Beautiful scenery and wildlife! You two are really cruising along -continuing to amaze us followers.


  2. Pat and Mark…..I love the group picture. What a handsome couple you are traveling with. 56 miles is very impressive, particularly after having to stop to fix a flat tire. Beautiful scenery, especially the rivers. Only a day or two away from Wyoming!! Continued safe travels. Jeff

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  3. I am amazed every day with your determination and positive. I also shared your post with Holy Cross people this weekend, Johnstons, Philos, Kischers and Nancy Furmanski


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