Day 72 Hot Sulphur Springs, CO to Walden, CO

Today’s Stats: Miles 61, +/- Elevation, 3382/2992, Total Miles 2,468. Weather ranged from 46 in the morning to 81 in the afternoon. The first 30 miles today were mostly uphill through an area burned by last summer’s fires. By late morning we could see a few clouds and distant storms. The rain stayed away most of the day but at about 4 p.m. it really started to rain. We had hard rain for about 25 minutes and then hail. All of a sudden the rain stopped and the road was dry ahead of us. Strange weather in the mountains.

We traveled through the burn area for a stretch of 30 miles. So much devastation but greenery and flowers were growing. It was eerie, silent and very few birds in the devastated area.

Walden is considered to be North Park CO. It gets it’s name as it is the northern most of the three large mountain valleys in Colorado the Western side of front range.

Heading toward the burn area

Aspen burned yet flowers growing

Lavender growing wild

Only fireplace standing where house was.

All camp grounds closed in this stretch of Grand County.

Closure signs through out ride instructed cars to not stop in burn area. No hiking, fishing or camping.

As you can see exactly where the fire stopped,

Heading to pass.

Burn area throughout.

We climbed up and over Willow Creek Pass 9,683 elevation and the Continental Divide again.

Illinois River Ranch- we passed this just before the sky opened and we found ourselves peddling through rain and hail. No fun.

We just crossed the Illinois River. Don’t think this flows all the way to Illinois.

3 thoughts on “Day 72 Hot Sulphur Springs, CO to Walden, CO

  1. Seeing all of the burned area is very sad, but glad that there are signs of new growth. Interesting how the weather is so variable.


  2. You experienced Mother Nature and all of her foibles in one eventful day. Way to persevere. Lots of miles, and again different experiences. You two keep smiling no matter what. Gotta love it!!!


  3. You two DO keep smiling!!!! Maybe its a good thing the Illinois River doesn’t go to Geneva, IL…….you might decide to kayak back. Just kidding…..


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