Day 76 Rawlins, WY to Jeffery City, WY

Today’s Stats: Miles 68, +/- Elevation, 1,821/2,096, Total Miles 2,644.

Had early start due forecast of winds in afternoon. The first 56 miles of ride were beautiful then the wind started. Today’s ride featured 2 more crossings of the Continental Divide.

We were making plans for early arrival when 30 plus mph head winds started when we had 12 miles left in ride! No fun and the hardest ride on trip so far. Those last 12 miles took 4 hours to battle the wind. For 3 miles of 12 had to get off the bike and walk as could hardly stand and hold bike upright.

We made it to the Split Rock Bar and Cafe and immediately downed three bottles of Gatorade, water and soda. We ordered dinner from Bill and older gentleman who was the waiter, bartender and cook. Nothing like having a dozen cyclists walk in the door of this sleepy town kind of overwhelming for sure. He did not seem to be moving very fast but took care of everyone.

Wyoming landscapes so different than Colorado.

Mark looking good

2nd crossing of Continental Divide

Split Rock with it’s gunsight notch.

3rd crossing of Continental Divide

After some food and drink. A short ride down a dirt road lead us to the Jeffrey City Community Church our lodging for the night. They have been hosting cyclists for many years and have showers, a big kitchen and plenty of room for cyclists to spread out and sleep.

Bicyclists encouraged to write messages on wall.

Sunset from churches front steps as you can see we are out on prairie.

Nick an Eastbound cyclist from Cary-IL

We had quite the crowd 12 Westbound and 1 Eastbound cyclist.

5 thoughts on “Day 76 Rawlins, WY to Jeffery City, WY

  1. Wow, tough ride with the headwinds – you must have been exhausted when you arrived in Jeffery City. Hope you don’t encounter those conditions again during your travels. Fun to see such a big group of riders – must have been fun conversation.


  2. Interesting that you met up with so many Trans Am riders in Jeffery City. I can’t imagine the challenges that high winds posed during yesterday’s ride. I noted that you are currently in the middle of Wyoming. You continue to do so well.


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  3. It was inevitable that the Wyoming winds would nail you eventually. At least half the time we cross Wyoming on I-80 (which as you know is a lot) the WDOT signs above the road warn of 30mph, often 50 mph winds, no light trailers, etc. Love the group photo. As Donna told you, it reminds us of our group in Morocco with the seven 20 somethings from Australia.


  4. You two amaze everyday. Wish I could tow you for a day. Keep it up. We all are with you, in spirit if nothing else.tom


  5. You sure are experiencing all kinds of conditions and seeing some beautiful country. The pictures are amazing. How are you going to keep track of all of these new friends you are making? These youngsters have to be so impressed with the gray hairs.


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