Day 77 Jeffrey City, WY to Lander, WY

Today’s Stats: Miles 59+/- Elevation, 1,791/2,635, Total Miles 2,703. Weather was sunny and high 80’s.

What a difference a day makes. No wind today so we were able to enjoy the ride. Wyoming has featured changing terrain, rock colors and vegetation. In this high desert it seems like we always have a view for several miles in either direction.

Lander is a nice small town with restaurants, coffee shops, groceries, bike and outdoor stores all in a walkable downtown area. We may take a rest day here.

Ice Slough on Sweetwater River. Swampy area that used to have ice just below the surface well into the summer months.

Nice rest area on the route today. Great to have water, shade, picnic tables, and clean bathrooms. Wonderful to see Wyoming is providing something like this. Last couple of rest areas in Colorado were a pit toilet, a full garbage can a picnic table.

If you look closely at background you can see the road we were riding on.

Wyoming has totally different landscape from other states.

Starting a beautiful decent

Red rocks appeared so peaceful descending through the canyons.

Have to stay hydrated

Enjoyed a free concert in the park in Lander. Bluegrass band featuring 2 sets of twin sisters age 15 and 17.

Also enjoying the concert was westbounder Paul who is riding with the big group that stayed at the church last night. He needs to get off the trail for work for a while so we may see him again.

Had a nice dinner at this brewpub.

Faucet and sink in brewpub men’s bathroom.

Tasteful decorations.

3 thoughts on “Day 77 Jeffrey City, WY to Lander, WY

  1. Glad you had a good, long ride with much better conditions. Lander looks like a nice town. Looks like you had some enjoyable drinks and a nice spot for dinner. Love the sink in the restroom – very clever to have a keg sink! Keep up the impressive riding, Pat and Mark!


  2. Pat and Mark,

    My atlas is getting quite a work out as I receive my daily geography lesson—following you on your journey. I note that your elevations are climbing again as you move closer to another portion of the Rocky Mountains. You are about to enter another beautiful section of our country. Enjoy.

    Continued safe travels.


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