Day 78 Lander, WY

Today’s Stats: Rest Day

Rest day = Laundry Day met Yaser who is currently touring with wife to escape the heat of AZ. Both are doctoral students at ASU in Tempe. Hope to hook up next time at Scottsdale for dinner. Thanks for great conversation Yaser.

NDLS National Leading Outdoor Leadership School located in Lander, WY. If you want to take a month long course in backpacking or wilderness travel, this is the place.

Bike shop found reason for creaking noise on Mark’s bike. Rear wheel had small fractures where spokes attached. Bike shop located a new wheel and we get to spend another day in Lander!

New adornment on bike. Bear spray.

We are entering some remote areas and National Parks where we may not have good internet service so you may not see an update for a few days .

3 thoughts on “Day 78 Lander, WY

  1. Good Morning! I so enjoy your posts! Pat making new friends in the laundry mat! I love it! You both are making a life-time of memories along the way. Glad you got Mark’s bike fixed. I am so happy you had a day of relaxation. Wyoming looks like a wonderful state especially taking care of our bicyclists! Please be careful on the next phase of your trip. Love you both!


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